Rupaid Personal Account

Signing up for Rupaid is very easy just click on Log In/ Signup on the top right corner of your device window. Then all you need to do is fill up sign up form. After this process you are good to go.
Nope for Personal Account there is no registration fees.
We at Rupaid take data protection very seriously and keep your rupaid account data safely stored on our secured server. We do not store any of your banking details on our server.

Rupaid Merchant Account

Registration for Merchant account is done by Team Rupaid and afer verifying all the required documents such as Adhaar Card, PAN Card, Shop Photo, Bank Cancelled Cheque our team approves your account and after that only you will be able to use our all services. There is Registration fees which you will have to pay at the time of registration.
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We at Rupaid take data protection very seriously and keep your rupaid account data safely stored on our secured server. We do not store any of your banking details on our server.

Rupaid - Mobile Recharges

To racharge a prepaid Mobile follow the steps below:
1. Tap a Mobile recharge under the recharge section on the Rupaid Home page
2. Enter the Mobile number you want to recharge in the input field.
3. Rupaid will autmatically detect the Operator and circle for provided number.
4. In any case rupaid do not detect the operator and circle you can select manually.
5. Enter the amount you want racharge for. Or you can also select the plan to recharge from view plan section.
6 Tap on Recharge Button and when recharge is done you will receive Pop Up with success.
In such case you need not to worry, we at rupaid have designed the system as such that unless recharge gets success your wallet money does not get deducted.
And about Pending status, once you get this status there might be various reasons such as
1. Recharge is in Processing status.
2. Operator server is taking time to complete the recharge.
You can check whether the recharge is success after some time or failed in the Reports -Recharge and Bill History.
After successful payment on the app, an sms confirmation will be sent out by the service provider to the number that was reachrge...!
No, you can not cancel a reacharge once you initiate a request on Rupaid. This aapliies to pending reachrges as well.
If your reacharge is failing repeatedly, chek if you have selected a valid recharge amount for your operator. Make sure to also check the circle and operator before you proceed to recharge.
Sometimes, recharge fail due to technical issue at the operator end. If your recharge fails Even if your amount and other details are correct,we suggest that you try againi in some times.
In case of wrong plan amount, if plan does not exist the recharge will automatically fail.
If you select an incorrect plan/amount while making a recharge or reacharged an incorrect number, the reachrge cannot be cancelled by the operator. We request you to check the details of your recharge before trying again..
Most recharges are instant and the operator sends the confirmation messages on the recharged number within a few minutes. To check if your plan is applied, dial the balnce enquiry number for your service provider.
Bsnl- *123#
Vi- dial *199#
Jio- dial 1299
Airtel - *121*51#
Note- If you've reacharged for someone else, balnce enquiry to check if the plan is applied should be made from the mobile number of the person you made the recharge for.

Rupaid - DTH Recharges

Tap on the DTH section on Rupaid.
Enter your DTH card number details
Then select your operator
If you want to verify the Customer Name and Plan and can do that using Verify user button easily.
Enter the amount to Recharge
Tap on the Recharge Button and you are done.
If you see that your cable tv bill payment is pending, it means that we're waiting on payment confirmation from your service provider, typically service provider take up to 48 hrs to share an update with us.
You can't cancel a cable tv bill payment once you have made the payment. If your bill payment fails for any reason we will refund the entire amount..!
If your cable tv disconnected after you've paid your bill, contact your service provider's customer support team for assistance.
If you've paid your cable tv bill twice, the extra amount paid will be adjusted during the next billing cycle.
For most cable tv connections, you can find the cable id/acount number/ vc ( viewing card) number on lable or sticker on the back panel of your set-up box.

Rupaid - Domestic Money Transfer

Using Add Money feature on user panel you can add money via offline mode or online mode to your wallet
Add Money Offline
Transfer or Deposit the required amount to our Company Bank Account and use add money option after succesfull payment. Wallet amount will be updated within 15-20 mins of receiving amount.
Add Money Online
Use our Payment Gateway to Add Money to your wallet via Multiple payment modes. Money will be credited to your wallet in 30 to 60 mins.
Get Money in your Wallet
Adding Money to your wallet has never been simple. Use online or offline mode of payment and enjoy your DMT business.
Rupaid is Dedicated Money Transfer Platform where you can Transfer Funds to any bank account and UPI Id's all over India. Rupaid enables you to transfer money using few simple steps at lowest cost possible.
Add Bank Account
Adding bank account under remitters contact is simple and easy using verify Beneficiary Name, Account Number & IFSC.
Transfer Money Instantly
Once the Beneficiary Account is added to remitters list. All you need to do is Select Account, Enter Amount and Submit. Money Transferred Successfully !.
Transfer Limit per Remitter
Rupaid provide highest Monlthly limit per remitter. You can Transfer Rs. 50,000.00/month per remitter.
Rupaid provides you with the facility to settle your wallet amount to your registered bank account. You can settle to your bank account 24*7.
Direct Settlement to Bank
Settlement feature can be used to settle your Online Payment Acceptance to your Bank Account easily.
Settlement upto Rs. 2Lakh/ Trans
You can settle unlimited amount to your Registered Bank Account.
24*7 Settlement to Bank
You can settle money to your Bank even on a holidays. Settlement works 24*7*365 days.
Transaction Reports are as important as making online transactions. Rupaid Provides you the power to view all the Transaction Reports Easily..
DMT Reports
You can view the Money Transfer Reports easily anytime, anywhere. You can also print the receipts for the same.
Add Money reports
You can view your Wallet Add Money reports anytime so that you can keep track of business transactions.
Monthly Invoices
Rupaid Provides the monthly invoice facility where you can download GST Invoice for specific month.
Rupaid is India's #1 Dedicated Domestic Money Transfer Web based solution that enables you to efficiently manage your DMT business at lowest Agent Cost. Rupaid is Company Tested Solution with best success rates. In Rupaid thre is no place for transactions failure if account details are correct.

Rupaid - Refer and Earn & CashBack

Refer and Earn works in following steps
Create your own Rupaid ID by signig up on Rupaid.com
Recharge on your Mobile or DTH with minimum of Rs. 199
Once you complete Recharge you receive upto 2 % CashBack for your recharge in your wallet. And also you will receive cashback voucher of Rupaid E-commerce website which going to start in August Month End.
After successful reccharge eligible for referring other peoples to sign up on Rupaid.
Whenever new signup user enters your registered number as referral you will receive Rs. 10 in your wallet and also Rupaid E Commerce Cashback voucher.
You can refer unlimited users to sign up on Rupaid.com. For referal you will receive Rs. Cashback and they will also receive upto 3% cashback on each recharge and also Rupaid cashback vouchers for Rupaid E Commerce website.
Rupaid is planning to provide assured cashback on all Mobile and DTH recharges. Everytime you recharge you will get minimum 2% cashback for sure.
Rupaid E Commerce Cashback voucher is advance voucher given to the customers on Rupaid.com to be redeemed when Rupaid online shopping portal gets launched by Rupaid team at the end of August 2021.
Once Rupaid Mobile app with online shopping is launched you will automatically get the cashback vouchers in it to use for your shopping purpose.

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